Using FOIA for Lawsuits

There are many uses for FOIA. As I've mentioned before, almost anyone could benefit from obtaining public records. Activists, journalists, concerned citizens can use FOIA to prove wrongdoing, develop a story, or just learn more about their community. But one important use for FOIA is lawsuits. In fact, one of the reasons I started this … Continue reading Using FOIA for Lawsuits


Lesson #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Appeal

TL;DR: The appeal process is a lot less intimidating -- and more effective -- than you may think. You should use it regularly when you don't get what you are looking for. In FOIA Lesson #3, I described the importance of being nice when filing your request, and giving records officers the benefit of the … Continue reading Lesson #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Appeal

Filing Your First FOIA

OK, so you've been reading about FOIA for some time; you've lurked on social media and read some articles on MuckRock; you've shed your crippling anxiety over losing your FOIA virginity; and you might know what it is you'd like to request. Maybe you've even hired me to file one for you and, feeling so … Continue reading Filing Your First FOIA