Use this form to contact me if you wish to get in touch. Be as specific as you can in telling me what records you are seeking from your government, but be vague if you have to. For instance, you can type “I want all emails sent from Councilmember X of Boston City Council on February 3, 2015,” or “I want to learn more about health inspections at my local hospital.”

I will get back to you soon to strategize about how to get the records you want. If you’re strapped for cash, don’t let that stop you; I’m sure we can work something out.

Please note: I make no guarantee that the records you are seeking actually exist or will be provided to you. I will, however, advise you if I believe the records do not exist or will likely be exempt from disclosure; whether you wish to proceed with the request is entirely up to you. I will not pay any fees assessed for your request by the agency. I also reserve the right to refuse to file a request, including if I believe that you are seeking information in bad faith.