My FOIA Experience

You might be asking yourself: Why would I hire you?

For one, I’ve filed more than 300 FOIA requests with local, state, and federal agencies. I have obtained tens of thousands of pages of documents from city governments, state police departments, the IRS, FBI, FTC, FDA, USDA, Homeland Security, and more.

Second, I’ve written numerous investigative articles along the way, using the documents and data I’ve obtained from government agencies to write about issues that matter to me. I’ve written about surveillance, marijuana-related arrests, pigs who eat garbage, satanic monuments, animal rights, the Boston marathon bombing, USDA subservience to the beef industry, electronic tolling, abuse against disabled children, and more. Without FOIA, none of these stories would have been possible.

Third, I occasionally use FOIA for more personal reasons. For example, after solicitors knocked on my door and refused to leave, I submitted a request to learn more about why their company hadn’t been shut down. And when I was seeking ammo in a dispute with a notorious slumlord, I requested all complaints sent to the Board of Health by previous tenants of my building.

In sum, I see FOIA as a way of life.

So when it comes to getting your hands on public records, I’m someone you want in your corner.

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