Lesson #5: Requesting Emails

TL;DR: FOIA requests for emails are among the most common, but can be a shot in the dark. Instead, requesting email metadata can ensure you find what you're looking for. In FOIA Lesson #4, we learned about the importance of flexing your rights by appealing unfavorable determinations. I shared an anecdote about one time that … Continue reading Lesson #5: Requesting Emails


Using FOIA for Lawsuits

There are many uses for FOIA. As I've mentioned before, almost anyone could benefit from obtaining public records. Activists, journalists, concerned citizens can use FOIA to prove wrongdoing, develop a story, or just learn more about their community. But one important use for FOIA is lawsuits. In fact, one of the reasons I started this … Continue reading Using FOIA for Lawsuits